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Client Waiver      

Please complete & submit prior to appointment.


If you are under the age of 18 you must have a parent sign & consent for any spray tan services.

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What tan are you purchasing today?
Have you received a spray tan or applied a self tanner (lotion) before?
Any known allergies related to spray tans or sunless tanning products with Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)?
Any known allergies to grapes?

Those whom have allergies are asked to look at the ingredients list of the spray tan to insure that there is no cause of concern before proceeding with the spray tan process. There may be some people who are allergic to the base ingredients in the spray solution which may result in hives or a skin rash. If this occurs, shower and discontinue use. If severe reaction, contact a physician.

Do you have any skin conditions?
Do you have any respiratory illnesses?
Please select your skin type:
Please select your skin type:

Please note there is a small percentage of people whose skin does not react favorably to spray tanning. For this reason, we do NOT advise being sprayed for the first time when your appearance is important; e.g., weddings, any special occasion, photographic sessions, modeling assignments, etc. unless you have had a trial spray tan with LuxGlo within the last month. 

If you use any prescription cream/topicals or acne medications, please notify your Glo artist. You may be given special instructions. For example, if you use retinol cream, please discontinue use 7 days prior to your scheduled spray tan. 

An airbrush tan will not protect your skin from burning in the natural sun or in a UV tanning bed. Healthy, hydrated skin will hold results longer. Wait at the least 8-10 hours after your spray tanning session before showering. I recommend showering 8-10 hours after the session, preferably letting the solution develop overnight. *Use dark sheets if going to bed before showering. The initial bronzers in the spray tanning solution may transfer to clothing or fabric. The bronzers are water soluble and will wash out of most fabrics.

All the components of the spray tanning solution have been safely used in cosmetics and nutritional products for decades and have been proven safe for the skin. If you had adverse effects utilizing self tanning products or moisturizers in the past, you may experience similar effects with the airbrush tanning. There are, however, occasions where individuals may be allergic to one or more ingredients in the spray tan solution. Please discuss this with the technician before proceeding.

We recommend that you hold your breath and close your eyes during facial spraying. We make this recommendation because most individuals would prefer not to breathe the mist. The FDA recommends that you use Nose filters, lip protection, protective undergarments and are available upon request. The solutions are not considered harmful in the minimal amounts that may be inhaled in a normal spray tanning session. The bronzing effect is a result of a coloring additive in the solution that will remain on the skin until you shower. When you bathe, the initial bronzer will wash off leaving your skin with a natural looking tan.

This process has been explained to me and I hereby agree to allow LuxGlo’s technician to apply the spray tan solution to my skin. I have been given adequate instructions for the proper use of the sunless application, understands the risks involved, and use it at my own risk. I agree to hold LuxGlo harmless of any and all medical complications that may arise. I have been advised to discontinue use if any reaction occurs.

I hereby agree to release LuxGlo owners, spray technicians, contractors and manufacturers from any or all damages that I might incur due to the use of LuxGlo services and products.
I, the undersigned understand and agree to comply with all instructions. I have been properly instructed prior to my airbrush session. I am using these services at my own risk. I hereby authorize and direct employees of LuxGlo to perform such tanning procedures as may be deemed necessary or advisable, and I have provided them with the above correct information required.

I acknowledge that the results of airbrush tanning do vary and that no guarantees of specific results are offered or implied. By signing this waiver, LuxGlo and their employees/contractors are not held liable for any injury to persons or property and hold them harmless from any liability involved in the use of the tanning process.

I release and discharge LuxGlo from all manners of actions, judgments, sums of money and demands whatsoever in law, in regards to spray tanning. I have been advised that the wear of spray tanning depends upon my skins age, texture and absorbency ability and the after care that is given. I affirm that I have been advised of the spray procedures and that the products being used are FDA approved and give my permission to proceed with the spray application. I have been advised to discontinue use if any reaction occurs. I am not allergic to any dyes, inks or cosmetics to my knowledge, and if I am I will discuss these
concerns with my doctor and my spray technician before I receive a spray tan.

For Those Choosing Our Rapid Tan:
You are responsible and are in total control for the outcome of how light or dark you would like your tan to be. We are not responsible for the outcome and have no control over the light or darkness of your tanning results. All information provided is confidential information only for the purpose of LuxGlo and will not be shared or made public. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Thanks for submitting!

Ingredients: Our product is made of organic & natural ingredients infused with anti-aging and toning ingredients as well. If concerned about the ingredients, please ask your spray tan artist to see the list of ingredients.

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